We’ve finally uploaded a new video! It’s Travis showing off some of his latest dance moves! See it here.

We still have a bunch of video in the can that we’ll be posting in the next little bit. Keep checking back.

Here’s the new “channel trailer” or introductory video for Jerry’s You Tube channel:

Jerry has kicked off a new, recurring series on Blog O’Jerry, “Jersey Tales.”

Keep checking back, or subscribe to the site to be sure you don’t miss an update. Just scroll down and click on “Entries RSS”.

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Bustin A Move

Travis recently demonstrated some of his newest dance moves. We captured the epic event for you on video!  

Toby's 10th birthday photos.

Toby’s 10th birthday photos.

It was the big “1″-”0″ for our boy Toby, and it’s safe to say he made out like a bandit.

Free Ride

Free Ride

We’re a music loving group, us Romicks. And sometimes it’s a little surprising which songs affect which Romick. Travis is hooked on The Edgar Winter Group’s “Free Ride” from the album “They Only Come Out At Night.” The song went to #14 in 1973 and was on the same album as the group’s #1 single, [...]

Video Warriors

Video Warriors

Toby and Travis take on the walking dead of Call Of Duty in zombie mode! And we captured it on video! This is the first video edited and posted using my new video editing software (thanks Teri for the great Christmas present!), “Movie Studio” by Sony. It’s a pretty robust piece of software and it’s [...]

Looking Back: 2013

Looking Back: 2013

Lot of highlights in the year 2013. The year may go down in Romick lore as “The Year Of New Homes,” as Bob and Alice (Mom and Dad), Kelsey and Chase, and Caleb and Brandi all purchased new homes. It was also the year of our mobile family reunion. Without actually attending a family reunion [...]

Christmas With The Romicks 2013

It’s hard to believe that Christmas 2013 has come and gone already. We shot a little video and put it together to share our celebration of the day with you.

Foosball Sudden Death

Foosball Sudden Death

It’s Christmastime and that means seeing family. Sometimes you have to celebrate a little earlier, if you’re going to be able to see all the relatives during the season. That was the case in the middle of December this year (2013) when Caleb, Brandi, Toby and Travis visited north Georgia to have an early Christmas [...]

Celebration: Teri's Birthday

Celebration: Teri’s Birthday

As promised, here’s the video from Teri’s birthday celebration on Wednesday 12/18/13. The final gift Teri opens is a sketch she did when she was 17. Jerry rescued it from the basement and put it in a frame. Here’s a photo:

Teri's Birthday 2013

Teri’s Birthday 2013

It’s not always easy having a birthday in the middle of the Christmas season. Too often your birthday presents are wrapped in Christmas paper, or serve double-duty as a Christmas/Birthday present. So we always try to make a big deal out of Teri’s birthday, which is today, December 18, just one week before Christmas. Born [...]