Day Twenty: Hurry Up & Wait

I am coming to understand something. The race against cancer is timed with a calendar, not a stop watch. Today we met with the primary surgeon. Going into this meeting we presumed that we would be presented with some specific treatment options. Not the case.

Between this meeting and our most recent meeting Teri had an MRI and genetic testing. And the team of doctors were set to meet last Friday to discuss Teri’s case. The results from the MRI were ready in plenty of time, but not the genetic tests. I had secretly wondered about that. When Teri had the genetic test done they told her it usually took 7 – 10 days to get the results. “How will they be able to factor that in to the decision making process?” I pondered, “If we’re meeting with them on Monday, and the test was Wednesday?”

Turns out they couldn’t. But rather than move forward without those results we will wait for them. Our next meeting is scheduled for March 17, Day 31.

Even with the results of all of those tests there will still be some decisions that will have to wait until after surgery and even more tests. Such as if and how much chemotherapy will be necessary. So once again we wait. This is a heck of a way to learn how to be patient.

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  1. Teri and Jerry,
    I’m praying for you! I can relate somewhat to your frustrations, having been diagnosed in 2011 with Multiple Sclerosis, and recently had back surgery for a herniated disc and all the frustrations that go with both.
    Some days are ok, and even good, others are very tough. The good news is every single day our Father God is still watching over us Teri and has promised to never leave us or forsake us.
    Hold on! I will continually be lifting you both up to the Father in my prayers🙏🦋❤️👑✝🎗😌🌺

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