Who doesn’t love cake? It can turn an ordinary day into something spectacular. Cake is at the center of many of our celebrations, especially birthdays. The blowing out of the candles on a birthday cake is perhaps the most often repeated celebratory tradition in the world.

This week I share a number of photos of special cakes, most of them a part of birthday celebrations. And, just because cake is so amazing, I’ve also put together a little video, scroll to the bottom of this post for the video.

The first four are from Trenton’s first and third birthdays.

The next three are birthday cakes for Toby and Travis from a few years back.

These three are Teri and then Kelsey blowing out their candles and the cake we had for my dad’s 90th birthday.

Finally, a cake work had for Kelsey when she was moving to Ohio, and a birthday cake they did for me in Florida when my birthday fell during one of our station fundraisers.

And here’s the Cake video!

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