The New Place

I’ve had more addresses than I can count. Well, I guess I could count them. One in Pittsburgh, 2 in Fair Lawn, NJ, 1 in Cranford, NJ then another in Fair Lawn. Then there was a single address in Wheeling, WV. Next, Niagra Falls, NY then on to 3 different places in Louisville, KY, 4 on Long Island, NY and then 2 more back in Louisville, KY.

A short stay in St Louis that included 2 addresses and finally in Newnan, GA for another 2. So that’s 20, unless you count the parsonage in Indiana the year I pastored that little country church, but we were only there on weekends since during the week I was attending seminary.

There must be some Gypsy in our blood. Until my current home I had never lived in the same place longer than 5 years. I have been in this house since 2001, so maybe that wanderlust is finally starting to wear off.

Maybe it’s the job. Or jobs. Dad was/is a preacher, so we would move around quite a bit while Mike and Deb and I were growing up. Then I landed in radio and would move every few years when a new opportunity arose, or a lease wasn’t extended or a house burned down (that happened once).

Whenever we would move into a new home one of the very first questions we had to answer as a family was where to place the Christmas tree. I have come across two photos of what may or may not have been an early tradition when we would move into a new place, taking a photo in the yard.

The two I share here are of me, Dad and Mike. The earlier of the two was probably taken in 1965 in the front yard of 220 Central Avenue, Cranford, NJ. The second is in the backyard of 44 Greenwood Avenue, Wheeling, WV and was probably taken in July 1974.

Google Map view of 220 Central Ave, Cranford, NJ
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